As an artist, I strive to create work that is beautiful and uncomfortable. My desire is to create art that constantly challenges power structures, that amplifies those whose voices are so often unheard, and that quietly subverts in ways that are aesthetically powerful. With ten years worth of strengthening my skill set, I am happiest when I’m applying that knowledge in collaboration with other artists in order to tell unique stories. My love for storytelling goes back to my childhood.

Currently, I’m working on several projects, including a documentary about violent homophobia in Jamaica called “Until We Have Faces,” for which I spent five weeks shooting undercover in Jamaica in 2001, and “The Ritual Cycle,” a series of five art films I’m producing with designer and composer Scott Arany. Along with Dennis Hill and Rajeev Sigamoney of Dark Matter 86, I’m currently co-writing and co-producing “Mr. Douglass,” a miniseries based on Frederick Douglass’ early years as well as co-producing “Generations Apart,” a superhero coming-of-age story.

I often joke that I’m an urban nomad and that’s not far from the truth; I’ve been traveling since I was 6 months old. I spent most of my childhood in southeast Asia (Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand) with a few years spent in Michigan here and there.

In college, I studied biology in Thailand, German in Austria and Germany, and Film Production in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After a year working in London for a small production company, I made my way back to the States and into the beautiful chaos that is Los Angeles.

A weird cross between homebody and vagabond, I’m currently living in Hollywood as where I create art with my collective Nomad Solstice and run a nonprofit film production company called Traveling Muse Pictures with a group of folks who constantly inspire and challenge me. I’ve also been named The Level Ground Film Festival’s first artist-in-residence and I’m really excited about the opportunity to create unique work and work with the festival to craft an exciting residency program.

Welcome, grab a cup of tea; enjoy your stay.